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Refunds » DR-26
Use this form to apply for a refund for any of the taxes listed in Part 6.
Sales and use tax dealers must use form DR-26S. Taxpayers seeking a refund of property tax must use form DR-462.
Application for refund - DR-26
Please complete Parts 1 through 6.  
Part 1
 Contact information:
Fill in the name, address, and contact numbers of the applicant/payee. Please enter either the Business Name   or   the First and Last Name of the Applicant.


Part 2
 Information on form Preparation:
Electronic signature. Filer must fill out.  By typing your name in the space below and submitting this form, you are declaring, under penalties of perjury, that you are the applicant or are authorized to sign on behalf of the applicant, and that you have read the application and that the facts stated in it are true.
* (first)  

Important - A Florida Department of Revenue Power of Attorney (Form DR-835 ) must be properly executed and included if the refund request is submitted by the applicant's representative.
Part 3
 Refund Amount:
Enter amount of refund. *  
Part 4
 Identification number of applicant/payee:
Provide the identification number of the applicant. If you do not have a Sales Tax Certificate Number or Federal Employer Identification Number, provide your Social Security Number.
** -  
** -  
** - -  
- -  
Part 5
 Collection period:
Enter the date paid or the collection period(s) on the tax return(s) used to report the tax. ¤   mm/dd/yyyy 
¤ -   mm/dd/yyyy 
Part 6
 Explain the reason for this refund: *
Clarify and speed up your refund claim by providing a brief explanation.

  Note: Tax paid to a dealer or to a private tag agent must be requested from the dealer or private tag agent unless specifically authorized by statute.
   How to contact us?
Use the listed address and telephone number to contact us.  
  Florida Department of Revenue
Refund Sub-Process
PO BOX 6470
Tallahassee, FL 32314-6470
Fax: 850-410-2526
For further information regarding the DR-26, the documentation required to process the refund,
or to check on an application after it has been submitted, call us at 850-617-8585.
* - required fields
** - at least one of the identification numbers is required
- either the business name or the taxpayer name is required
- one of the phone numbers is required
¤ - one of the date fields (Date Paid or Applied Period) is required