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Whom to Call

Tax Credit Allocation for Contributions to Nonprofit Scholarship Funding Organizations


Oil and gas production taxpayers; taxpayers who pay sales tax under a direct pay permit; corporate income taxpayers; taxpayers who pay excise tax on liquor, wine, and malt beverages; and insurance premium taxpayers can apply.

Signature Required. When you complete the online application, an electronic signature is required to verify the accuracy and completeness of the application.

Confirmation. Once you complete the application, you will receive a confirmation number that you can print out. This only confirms that we received your application. It does not approve the application for credit allocation and it does not authorize the use of any credit. The Department will send you written correspondence within 10 working days of receiving your application explaining the approved tax credit allocation or the reason the credit could not be approved.

If you have any questions call Tax Information Services, at 850-488-6800, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

Apply for the Tax Credit Allocation and Credit Carryforward.

Rescind a previously approved allocation of Tax Credit.