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Welcome to the newly updated Florida Department of Revenue Online Revenue Confirmation website. This website allows local governments and their auditors to access the distribution payment information maintained by the Florida Department of Revenue.

The new features of the website include:

-        Ability to select more than one municipality for a single county

     -        Three reporting options:

  •        Web Report –limited to 6 months of data
  •              Excel Data Extract –allows up to 14 months of data
  •          Official Revenue Confirmation Report (in Excel) –allows for up to 14 months of data 

                  -     The Excel Data Extract also includes several new data elements: Collection Date, Voucher Number, UAS Code, Split Description and Notes.


The website will be updated with the payment information monthly and contains historical payments beginning October 2006.

If you have any questions regarding this website, please call us at (850) 617-8586 or email us at